Whiskey and Late Nights (Tape)

by Kyle Cooke

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This is a collection of songs from an old tape deck i used to record demos and such for about a year now. I picked some of my favorites (old and new) and converted them to digital because I love the way shitty tapes sound and it would be a waste of time (and lame af) to try and produce high quality recordings this way.


released November 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Kyle Cooke Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

Music is my life. I have no intention for the music I create to have any effect on other people, yet I put it up on the internet just in case someone somewhere feels something when they listen.

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Track Name: I F***ing Hate Winter
hiding under my sheets
fearful for the sound of my own heart and the way that it beats
I don't want to face
face the day
it's cold outside
and the winter can no longer hide

the sun cooled off
and now it's an ice box
why is it always the same
an annual snow instead of rain
Track Name: Leaf Blower In My Face (Demo)
sliding down the fire escape again
sitting on the sidewalk where it all began

and i can't forget the sight of you,
staring at the mailbox thinking what else can I do
you said you thought I was lucky to,
know what it felt like living in a place without you

the drives have gotten longer than they used to be
if you're looking for something to say please don't look at me

leaving late headed nowhere
I let you choose the music so that it can be fair
the silence in between the songs
is the only chance I'll ever get to right all my wrongs
Track Name: Slip Up
when all four of my dogs died
it was The craziest year of my life
but one day I stopped asking why
because someday soon I too will die

alcohol and cigarettes are my worst enemies cuz I keep them close
it might be months without a drop
but it doesn't matter when I slip up

I don't wanna slip up
but I'll probably slip up
Track Name: Continents and Constellations
I will swallow my pride just to protect you from me
still I wonder what it'd be like to have the key
which sets you free

I've been stuck in this cage
but I'm doing my best to change

unleash all my doubts and concerns
and my indecisions
as I watch the world pass by in front of me
I wonder what it would to have the key

please don't let me wake up from this dream I'm sharing with you
the morning won't feel the same to wake up alone wondering if it was true

and the contents of your heart are like constellations and the scars of my past are at war like the nations some split apart some join to form new continents

and every time I write it's a jumble of words
contradicting my thoughts like the lost birds who can't find which way is south to save their lives

you told me to sing soft but I don't give a crap whether or not that's what this song will lack to find the key that will bring you closer to me
Track Name: Picnic Table (Demo)
the sinking feeling in my heart was once thought to be just up in my head
try to bury it underneath alcohol and cigarettes instead
what is left of a man whose let this feeling becomes his best friend?
drink myself to sleep waking up I can't seem to get out of bed

split in two, sitting on a bench outside I'm thankful there's no mirror
to show me what I've done and who I've become

looking to my left and to my right I saw a sight I'd never seen before
my heart sunk further as the memories of good times remind me of how I'm all alone
Track Name: Oasis In The Wasteland
close your eyes and go to sleep, as long as your still next to me
I've never loved a moment more
no matter what I felt I've felt all day, when I see you I will say
you're my favorite

and when you wake you'll share your dreams with me. I'll tell you all about my jealousy
sitting silent next to you as the stars align. wishing I could tell you how you're in mine

every time that our eyes meet, you'll look away inevitably
but I sure won't
I prefer doing nothing with you than something special with anyone else
we'll speak in a language all our own
a bunch of inside jokes that no one knows. while we drive home
Track Name: Scars On My Hands (Demo)
I've got these scars on my hands
remnants of the times that I've been hurt it reminds me of the town where I grew up where no one knew my name
now I'm drifting through the days
with this poison in my veins

sitting here pulling stars out of the sky
wondering why I've tried this so many times

and we all dream about dreaming
but I can't pretend like they were both about you