Warmest Winter

by Kyle Cooke

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I took a humanitarian approach to this EP focusing on friendships, both cherished and lost. The title "Warmest Winter" refers to the state of the world. Things seem to be going south politically and socially as global warming begins to have a powerful influence on our climate. I do my best to reflect these themes throughout.


released January 5, 2016

A special thanks to those who provided good times that were captured on voice memos and used as samples:
Lauren Triunfo
Kory Hilpmann
Adam Greenberg

And thanks to Kimberly Cano for modeling my album cover



all rights reserved


Kyle Cooke Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

Music is my life. I have no intention for the music I create to have any effect on other people, yet I put it up on the internet just in case someone somewhere feels something when they listen.

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Track Name: Folk Song
well everyone keeps telling me how to live my life
that I should finish school go out and find a wife to hold me tight all throughout the night

but they don't know what is best for me
there's too many things that I've yet to see
and that my hearts been broken too many times

well I'm not gonna sing about my sins
but for every good time that comes round the bad times come too
but I guess it's something that I'll have to get through
Track Name: Losing You
as the sun starts to set and the world breathes a sigh of relief
the breeze picks up and I feel it's tender kiss on my cheek

and my shadow begins to cast
it's the only friendship I know will always last

so the time has come for us to face the facts about us
the scars of your past aren't something I want to discuss

as I sit here writing words from my brain
my heart aches wishing I could rid myself of the pain
of losing you
Track Name: Slip Up
when all four of my dogs died
it was the craziest year of my life
but one day I stopped asking why
because someday soon I too will die

alcohol and cigarettes are my worst enemies cuz I keep them close
it might be months without a drop
but it doesn't matter when I slip up

I don't wanna slip up
but I'll probably slip up
Track Name: Within My Reach
there's nothing wrong with staying in bed
I'd rather be here than somewhere else instead
there's nothing out there anyway

I'll drink my beer and I'll drink my wine
and tell everyone that I'm fine
what the hell would they know anyway

when I'm bored I'll turn on the tv
and see what the world wants to sell me
I won't buy any of it anyway

I'll take my pills and go to sleep
take off my clothes and brush my teeth
I've got all I need within my reach
Track Name: Monologue
The unstable colors of your heart change faster and more violently than the seasons, which passed by one after another as I grow older and wiser.
Every step I take as the days pass by I begin to doubt this knowledge I claim to have obtained with my age. When I think back to the blissful ignorance of my youth I am reminded of a life without love. Love has poison my heart and my soul with its cruel sting and unbearable painful side effects like experimental drugs we knowingly ingest just to make a few bucks and move on with our shitty lives. After all this time your mind is still not made up, it's just getting further and further away from an answer. One I so longingly wait for practicing patience for the first time in years.
Oh how I long for you to commit to a feeling for me so I can know how to live a more healthy life. One with balance and understanding and purpose because of your selfless decision to let me know about these colors in your heart which you've finally got under control. But until that day I'll continue to wander around like a lost dog whose only hope is to walk into traffic just so it can rid itself of the bother of finding its way back home