The Inbetweens EP

by Kyle Cooke

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This album is about the awkward inbetweens of life. Life is never perfect, but occasionally you'll find yourself enjoying it. I wrote all of these songs during the hard times and I have finally come out of them again. I am proud to be the man I am today because of the struggles I have faced. Everything happens for a reason.

Recorded mixed and mastered by Nathanial Hawkins at William Paterson University


released November 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Kyle Cooke Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

Music is my life. I have no intention for the music I create to have any effect on other people, yet I put it up on the internet just in case someone somewhere feels something when they listen.

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Track Name: Writing
well I don't wanna do anything today
cuz I'm stuck here all alone
and all I want is to feel okay
so I grab my guitar and sit alone

but I don't, remember any of those old songs
so I pray to the Lord to help me write some more

well I don't know where the words come from
so please don't ask me
I'll just play till my hands go numb
cuz I'm outside and it's only 30 degrees

and I won't remember all the words I tried to sing this time
but I hope that one day I'll write new words that sound just fine
Track Name: Water
flowing endlessly through the rivers to the raging seas
I can feel you flow through me
with a flood of transparency

and I thank you for sustaining me
with perfect delicacy

not earth wind or fire
is as precious to my soul
your my heart's true desire
cuz you make me whole

and I thank you for helping me
quench my thirst and set me free

an endless cycle watches over me as I age
though it may not be so gracefully I wont change
Track Name: Smoking Again
my mom said to stop smoking so that I can live a healthy life
so why the hell would I stop smoking if it would end this shitty life
I know that I've been wrong before
I know what's hiding behind the door
the misery caused by all my mistakes
I grabbed a bottle from the kitchen and I sat on the front porch
drinking for as long as it took for you to drive over and say
so what the hell happened now?
I had no choice but to tell you how
all my luck has finally run out
so you drove me to the only place that was still open that late
bought another pack of the same old cigarettes that I still hate
Let's split a pack up on the roof
where I won't tell you the truth
that I've given up at least for now
until I have figured out how
to live with who I've become
Track Name: Leaf Blower In My Face
sliding down the fire escape again
sitting on the sidewalk where it all began

and i can't forget the sight of you,
staring at the mailbox thinking what else can I do
you said you thought I was lucky to,
know what it felt like living in a place without you

the drives have gotten longer than they used to be
if you're looking for something to say please don't look at me

leaving late headed nowhere
I let you choose the music so that it can be fair
the silence in between the songs
is the only chance I'll ever get to right all my wrongs
Track Name: Vermonster
we found ourselves traveling
south on VT route 100
the sights took your breath away
as I just stared at the road
the sunset had split the landscape in two
much like my heart at the thought of seeing you
the more I write the more I see
visions of the past still haunting me
despite the fear of losing myself
I write about my mental health
the risk is great but we all have the thoughts that prevent us from the birth of our art